You see, alcohol and other sedatives have chemicals in them

If you are someone who consumes alcohol on a regular basis, It could be the underlying cause of your snoring problem. Consuming alcoholic drinks four to five hours prior to going to sleep can induce snoring. If you are someone who has a pre existing snore, drinking alcohol can make it twice as bad. This means you snore more often and a lot louder too. The answer to how alcohol causes snoring is all in the chemicals. You see, alcohol and other sedatives have chemicals in them that relax and weaken your muscles. In this case, they weaken the muscles located in the back of your throat, your uvula, and your palette. If you can make arrangements to minimize or completely cut off your alcohol intake at least four hours prior to sleep, It just might be the answer to all of your snoring problems. If you smoke, drink, or both, then quitting just might be the only way you could stop snoring naturally without having to spend money on things like surgery, or dental appliances. I wish you good luck with your quest, and with that I leave you. Have a good sleep.

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